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Powerfab 180C - restored by Steve

What Steve says about his digger:

"I bought the digger a few years ago and after a house move etc finally got around to doing the refurb.  The pump was dead and the machine was quite poorly but I fitted a new pump and got the machine running to assess the condition. It tracked and dug very well so it was completely stripped, cleaned, primed and painted and is now looking like a new one.  All pins and bushes replaced as required. The slew block was badly worn so I welded up the holes and line bored it back to size (on a Myford Lathe!!) I straightened all the panel work and fitted a new seat".

Steve has certainly done a thorough job to his digger as the following slide show illustrates: 

The Powerfab 180C is an unusual mini digger as it does not have full 360 degree slew. In fact even the 180 degree claim was a bit misleading because the slew on the digger is really only about 140 degrees (like a towable digger). However, there is a second fixing hole for the slew ram which gains an extra 40 degrees movement at one end of the slew which meant Powerfab could claim to offer 180 degrees!

Even so, this is a nice machine to have about and will be much easier to use than a towable digger with its tracks and handy dozer blade.

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